Consulting appointments, easy to organize and perfectly prepared

With the appointment finder, ti&m offers companies and their customers an easy and straightforward way to set up fixed appointments. It is easy and intuitive to use, thus significantly lowering customer resistance. The module is easy to connect to peripheral systems and can be integrated in various process steps, making it exceptionally well suited for use as an add-on to support and promote sales. The appointment finder achieves its full potential when combined with the ti&m channel suite. When the module is integrated in the platform, customer inquiries are linked directly to the customer profile and archived in the customer history.

Your advantages with the appointment finder

The high level of customer interaction

Self-service options significantly decrease the hassle of scheduling appointments and increase customer interaction.

Resource planning

Full integration means that appointment scheduling and consultant selection can both be fully automated, which can save time.

Perfect preparation

The appointment finder matches the customer advisor’s special knowledge with the customer’s need for advice.

Key Features

The process allows customers to set up an appointment 24/7 and constantly synchronizes the availability of advisors, topics, and locations.

The module keeps track of various locations as well as a skills list of each individual consultant.

Employees manage their own windows of availability. Once a meeting is booked, the selected member of staff automatically receives a message with all the relevant customer information.

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