Cross-channel event organization with the event manager.

The event manager helps companies to host events, from event creation to delivery of invitations, all the way through to event controlling. The event manager helps companies to host events from event creation to the delivery of invitations and admission control, all the way through to event controlling using intelligent analyses. As part of the modular ti&m channel suite, the event manager can be optimally and efficiently integrated into your infrastructure.

The omnichannel-capable module allows our clients to combine a 100% digital invitation process with traditional paper invitations and thus cover all relevant channels.

Your advantages with the Event manager

Cost saving

The intuitive and efficient management of events across all channels, including admission controls, considerably reduces the required organizational outlay.

High range

By combining digital channels with physical mail delivery, the entire customer base can be contacted via their touchpoint of choice.

Easy integration

The module is integrated into existing infrastructure and back-end systems with minimal workload via REST interfaces.

Key Features

Create events for customers, compile guest lists, and send digital and physical invitations in a matter of minutes.

Easily edit customer data, import it from back-end systems, or create it manually.

Efficiently manage admission controls at the event venue using QR codes and mobile device integration.

Optimize events and update your planning on an ongoing basis with the help of on-the-fly reporting of key performance indicators.

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