Financial Calculator


With Financial Calculators, ti&m offers five different financial calculators in one module. The range extends from the familiar currency calculator to more complex calculators integrated in online processes such as the fund calculator or the mortgage calculator. This enables us to cover an above-average spectrum.

Thanks to simple integration into companies' online processes, the computers can also be implemented and reused in a variety of ways. In addition to generating sales leads, the module is also suitable for collecting and evaluating information. In this way, your own processes and offers can be improved and further tailored to the needs of your customers.


5 in 1

Five different calculators in one module. Integrate currency, mortgage, pension fund, fund and budget calculators all in one.

Plug & Play

The module can be easily integrated and configured into the company's system environment thanks to the support of state-of-the-art interfaces.

Lead generation

Customer information and calculation values can be collected and evaluated. Customer requirements and trends can be easily analyzed.

Key Features

The individual computers can be tailored precisely to the specific CI/CD of the company and thus guarantee a consistent user experience.

The module has its own intuitive backend for adjusting the computer parameters by the company itself.

By integrating the computers into online processes, entered values can be reused in subsequent processes, such as mortgage allocation.

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