Secure inbox: written communication over a secure channel

Secure inbox is the solution for the secure exchange of messages between customers and companies. Secure inbox offers a solution for the secure exchange of messages between customers and a company. The module enables customers to select a customer advisor or help desk employee from the customer front end and send this person a message. The back-end view likewise allows the customer advisor and help desk employee to search for customers and write to them. An extension can be used to allow the messages to be directly received and sent from your company’s internal email program.

Your advantages with the Secure Inbox

Secure communications

Unlike conventional email traffic, the messages are exchanged over a secure channel. This eliminates the need for consent forms.


Automated and revision-proof storage of the message exchange.


An adapter can be used to allow employees to receive and send the messages via your company’s internal Exchange Server. Keep using your tried and tested email program.

Key Features

It’s easy to configure multiple group mailboxes.

If the secure document store is also installed, documents can be stored directly.

With the notification module enabled, customers and customer advisors will be notified about incoming messages.

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