Next generation authentication for mobile applications

ti&m secure mobile, a ti&m security suite product, provides impressive usability combined with a high security standard for mobile applications. Today’s smartphones support hardware-based security mechanisms to store cryptographic keys in the trusted platform module, which is comparable to the security chips found on smart cards. ti&m secure mobile supports these options and makes full use of them. The ti&m secure mobile solution has been designed with uncompromising focus on the needs of mobile users. Thanks to fingerprint technology, also known as Touch ID, information is only a click away without the need to enter usernames or passwords. At the same time, ti&m secure mobile meets all the requirements for strong two-factor authentication.

Business Values

ti&m secure mobile encapsulates the security-related mechanisms for mobile applications in a compact library. Developers can easily integrate this library into their mobile applications. The library takes over all communication with the server’s REST API. Encapsulating the security-related mechanisms makes it easier to integrate them in mobile applications and eliminates the risk of security loopholes.

ti&m secure mobile provides strong authentication without additional hardware. The smartphone becomes the token. The solution works without SMS and manual inputs. Your smartphone and a signed scan are sufficient.

The use of standardized interfaces and protocols combined with hardware-assisted cryptography ensures transparent and traceable security.

Using existing smartphones combined with easy and efficient workflows generates significant savings compared to hardware tokens as the associated costly lifecycle management is no longer necessary.

ti&m secure mobile supports standard mobile operating systems (iOS, Android).

Harald Böttcher
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