Universal two-factor authentication

Until recently, the numerous hardware-based two-factor authentication solutions only had one thing in common: they were, without exception, proprietary solutions. What this meant for clients was total manufacturer dependency and unnecessarily high costs for authentication hardware resulting from small batch sizes. The FIDO Alliance, a standardization body made up of leading companies from the software, hardware, services, and government sectors, has committed itself to changing this by introducing universal standards. The FIDO Universal Second Factor standard (U2F) specifies an authentication process that includes the necessary hardware interfaces for USB, near-field communication, and Bluetooth. The secure token module of the ti&m security suite implements the FIDO Alliance U2F 1.0 specification in its entirety.

Business Values

FIDO supports hardware tokens with asymmetric keys, whereby the private key never leaves the cryptographic chip. This process enables the highest security standards possible with current technology.

Thanks to open, license-free FIDO industry standards, there is no longer a need to rely on proprietary hardware token manufacturers.

The modular architecture and close collaboration with technology partners ensure seamless integration into existing security infrastructures, regardless of the digitalization strategy in place.

The FIDO technology is fully integrated into the ti&m security suite and can be easily combined with state-of-the-art risk-based authentication technologies.

Harald Böttcher
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