About ti&m

ti&m stands for technology, innovation & management. We are the Swiss leaders in projects and products for digitalization, security and innovation, and we are striving to achieve the same position in financial and technology centers elsewhere, too. We offer our discerning clients vertical integration throughout the IT value chain. At our offices in Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Singapore, we currently employ over 435 outstanding engineers, designers and consultants.

ti&m in figures



consultants, analysts, designers, system and software engineers


in Switzerland

for digitalization, security, and innovation projects and products


vertical integration

along the entire IT value chain



Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Singapore; more offices to follow


growth per year

expertise in banking, insurance, public affairs, transportation and e-government

Top 10

of the largest owner-managed Swiss IT firms

founded in 2005 and 100% owner-managed ever since

Strong team, minimal hierarchies

At ti&m, we thrive on active participation, diversity, mutual growth, and a working environment where everyone is on an equal footing. It’s skills and ideas that count, not hierarchies. This allows us to deliver robust services for our clients and establish ourselves as an agile change and innovation company.

Liquid Working

Our employees’ work-life balance is very important to us. That’s why we have introduced the Liquid Working model, which allows our employees to reduce their workload to 80% at the end of the month or increase it again. New mums can feel secure in the knowledge that they have a guaranteed return to work for up to two years after their baby’s birth. It is also possible to take unpaid holiday at any time, and we even continue to pay personal insurance for up to seven months.

Investing in our future

Supporting young talent is firmly embedded in our values, as is our belief in the future and in sustainability. Our hack an app project week and our Future Day aim to show children and young people how exciting and diverse IT can be. Today, hack an app is an established vocational development program and has already inspired over 2,000 children.

The joy of an integrated product

ti&m took the decision to vertically integrate all processes. Bucking the trend for offshoring, ti&m remains consciously committed to locality and proximity to our clients. This is the only way to produce innovations. We deliver innovative software solutions and products for our clients at their sites in Europe and in Asia. At our bases in Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt and Singapore, we live and breathe “Swissness”. By which we mean high quality, uncompromising client focus, and strong partnerships.

Speed and innovation

ti&m’s unique combination of knowledge, method, and culture creates the necessary space to drive the agile realization of ideas. In order to bring our clients up to the critical speed, we reduce everything to what is essential and relevant to success, create the necessary space for innovation projects, and deploy our interdisciplinary talent.


Water, wind and waves – in surfing, the only way to be successful is to react nimbly to unforeseen situations and still reach your destination. shake the lake is a symbol for talent-focused IT: you might get wet every once in a while, but you’ll always make it to shore.

Art as a source for innovation

Artists develop ideas from within themselves. They bring their passion and drive to ti&m projects. art@work overcomes mental barriers and opens the eyes of our – admittedly rather detail-oriented – engineers to new ideas.

We are always on the lookout for new talent!

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Our management team

    Thomas Wüst
    Markus Nigg
    Marius Matter
    Head Agile Projects Zurich
    Björn Sörensen
    Head Innovations & CIO
    Daniel Walther
    Head Sales
    Samuel Scheidegger
    Head Products
    Dr. Holger Rommel
    Head Research & Digital Transformation
    Philip Dieringer
    Head Bern
    Thomas Wüst
    Luisa Sartori
    Urs Buner
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Markus Nigg
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Johannes Hoehener
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Dr. Andreas Kronawitter
    Advisory Board
    Dr. Stephan Murer
    Advisory Board
    Jürg Stuker
    Advisory Board

ti&m owner strategy

"ti&m stays an independent company"

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Our leadership team

Our leadership team forms the backbone of the company. Our 46 managers live and breathe the ti&m culture and foster it in their areas of responsibility. Our leadership model is characterized by respect for the individual and the unique potential that they bring to the company. “Talent over hierarchy” is the value that all our managers live by.

Our values


Direct dialog with people is more important to us than methodology or process. Knowledge beats hierarchy.

Courage to innovate

We break rules and set new benchmarks.


Our clients’ success and our desire for technical excellence drive everything we do.

Sustainable growth

We create stable value in harmony with our clients, our employees, society, and the environment.

Respect & tolerance

Openness, tolerance, and playing to individual strengths and characteristics are the foundation for our agile teamwork.


We represent the balance between innovation and quality, between speed and reliability.