Expert leadership at every level

We have assembled a strong team around our founder and CEO, Thomas Wüst. Together, they ensure both ti&m’s operational excellence and its strategic future. Our eight-strong executive board is supported and advised by an advisory board formed of successful and respected figures from a wide variety of sectors. In collaboration with these committees, the board of directors shapes the company’s strategic guidelines and oversees financial control and compliance.

Members of our lead-team

    Thomas Wüst
    Markus Nigg
    Marius Matter
    Head Agile Projects Zurich
    Björn Sörensen
    Head Innovations & CIO
    Daniel Walther
    Head Sales
    Samuel Scheidegger
    Head Products
    Dr. Holger Rommel
    Head Research & Digital Transformation
    Philip Dieringer
    Head Bern
    Thomas Wüst
    Luisa Sartori
    Urs Buner
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Markus Nigg
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Johannes Hoehener
    Member of the Board of Directors
    Dr. Andreas Kronawitter
    Advisory Board
    Dr. Stephan Murer
    Advisory Board
    Jürg Stuker
    Advisory Board
    Daniel Graf
    Head Design
    Ingo Hofmann
    Head of Digital Experience
    Agnieszka Czupryk
    Head Agile Consulting
    Gabriel Katz
    Junior Associate Principal
    Daniel Killen
    Head Cloud Engineering
    Martin Kräuchi
    Head Architecture
    Andri Bühler
    Head Microsoft Solutions
    Marc Bühler
    Head Singapore
    Denisa Furnica
    Head of CMS & eCommerce
    Lukas Isliker
    Head Kotlin Applications
    Francis Antonietti
    Head Agile Projects Zürich
    David Bach
    Head Mobile Bern
    Patrick Brunner
    Junior Associate Principal
    Andreas Abgottspon
    Head Mobile & IoT
    Fabian Dobler
    Head of Security Integration
    Maximilian Ebner
    Head Research and Digital Transformation
    Lydia Zollinger
    Head of HR
    Karsten Burger
    Head Innovations
    Dieter Abplanalp
    Head Products Architecture & Core
    André Markwalder
    Head Enterprise Architecture
    Silvan Meier
    Head .NET Platform
    Julio Naya
    Head Enterprise Applications
    Daniel Ott
    Head Products & New Markets
    Pascal Rauser
    Head Infrastructure & Systemmanagement Engineering
    Stefan Rüesch
    Head Digital Banking
    Claudio Russo
    Head Finance & Admin
    Leunita Saliji
    Head Ops & Service Management
    Stephan Sutter
    CTO Bern
    Markus Sell
    Head of Delivery Germany
    Peter Walser
    Associate Principal
    Peter Wiederkehr
    Head Banking Suite
    Christian Witt
    Head Core Products
    Pascal Wyss
    Head Artificial Intelligence
    Roger Zuberbühler
    Head Requirments Engineering
    Simon Baumann
    Head Java Front Bern
    Jochen Michlig
    Head of Java Engineering Bern
    Magdalena Koj
    Head of BidOffice / Head of eGovernment

Our values


Direct dialog with people is more important to us than methodology or process. Knowledge beats hierarchy.

Courage to innovate

We break rules and set new benchmarks.


Our clients’ success and our desire for technical excellence drive everything we do.

Sustainable growth

We create stable value in harmony with our clients, our employees, society, and the environment.

Respect & tolerance

Openness, tolerance, and playing to individual strengths and characteristics are the foundation for our agile teamwork.


We represent the balance between innovation and quality, between speed and reliability.