Robo-advice: for flexible investment needs

Robo-advice gives bank customers the freedom to follow an ideal digital process for investment advice and management. With the robo-advice module, your customers have the freedom to follow an ideal, customized digital process for investment advice and management. The resultant robo-advisor is individually configurable and constantly reviews all customer portfolios, calculates rebalancing and reallocation suggestions, and generates personalized investment suggestions taking account of customer needs and wants and risk profiles.

Your advantages with Robot Advice

Efficient consulting

Simplicity and efficiency in the investment process, both self-service and consultant-assisted – on all channels.


Automated portfolio building and management, resulting in reduced outlay while maintaining a high number of personalized customer portfolios for all types of mandates.


Integration in existing systems and environments. Combinable with ti&m channel suite modules.

Key Features

Questionnaires to determine investor type and to take existing portfolios into consideration.

Based on traditional portfolio theory or rule-based algorithms. Custom adjustment based on customer needs and wants, up to and including the selection of individual securities.

Seamless transition between self-service and face-to-face advice.

Investment suggestions and portfolio monitoring. Customer-friendly presentation of reallocation suggestions for advice mandates ensures regular touchpoints with the customer.

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